The Goldline Difference

Goldline understands your decision to acquire precious metals is more than just a purchase; it’s a personal choice concerning your future. That’s why we make a commitment to you.  You can expect more from Goldline throughout the process of acquiring and liquidating precious metals. It’s the Goldline Difference.

  1. We are committed to transparent, honest and responsible pricing.
  2. We are committed to responsible corporate governance.  Our financial statements are audited annually. We properly register and follow national and state telemarketing laws.
  3. We are committed to honest and transparent disclosures. Our Account Agreement and risk disclosure booklet, Coin Facts for Investors and Collectors to Consider, provide unparalleled information regarding our pricing, company policies, and risks associated with acquiring precious metals.
  4. We confirm trades of $1,000 or more during a recorded conversation to ensure you understand the costs involved in your purchase. We provide a written trade confirmation that includes specific information about your purchase including our ask price, bid price and the percent your bid price must increase to break even.
  5. We state in writing that our buyback prices may be higher than other dealers and, although dealers are prohibited from guaranteeing a buyback, Goldline has historically repurchased the precious metals it sells.
  6. To ensure accuracy, your order is checked at least twice before it is shipped to you.
  7. We have a dedicated toll-free number to ensure prompt and easy access to our Client Relations Team Members who, in addition to your dedicated Account Executive, can assist you with a variety of issues.
  8. We offer exclusive, limited production brilliant uncirculated bullion coins which may be held in a precious metals IRA.

Goldline makes it easy to buy gold and silver. With our prompt service, convenient acquisition options, transparency in pricing, high quality and exclusive products, you’ll enjoy the convenience and benefits of working with an industry leader.