Gold & Silver IRA - Get Started in 4 Easy Steps
  • Step 1:
    Choose your Independent Custodian:

    Goldline can suggest an independent third party Custodian if you desire.

  • Step 2:
    Complete your Self-Directed IRA Paperwork:

    Your personal Goldline Account Executive can send the necessary forms or click to access them.

  • Step 3:
    Choose your Precious Metals:

    Decide which precious metals to include in your IRA. Goldline offers a variety of gold and silver coins and bars that can be held in IRAs. 3

  • Step 4:
    Fund Your IRA:

    Fund your IRA with a monetary contribution, direct transfer from another IRA, or rollover funds received from another IRA or retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b).

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Add Gold and Silver to Your IRA

Include physical precious metals as part of your retirement planning in a Self-Directed IRA.

With Goldline’s Express IRA℠ Program, we make adding gold and silver to an IRA quick and simple! The program enables you to acquire precious metals on your schedule; you can purchase metals without waiting for your IRA to be funded. 

Within one business day of opening a Self-Directed IRA, many clients can:

Taking Distribution

When you are ready to take distributions from your IRA, Goldline can assist in converting your precious metals to cash. 4

Goldline's Express IRA℠ Program provides the ability to diversify your IRA on an expedited basis and qualify for Goldline's ground-breaking Two-Way Price Guarantee Program℠.

With our Express IRA℠, you acquire precious metals for your IRA on your schedule. You no longer have to wait for your funds to arrive at the IRA custodian to get started. Just complete the required paperwork, select the precious metals for your IRA, and we’ll confirm your purchase.

Your IRA purchase may also qualify for Goldline's ground-breaking Two-Way Price Guarantee Program℠, available for acquisitions of $10,000 or more of our exclusive bullion coins. With our Two-Way Price Guarantee Program℠, you are protected from both short-term upside and downside market movement. If the selling price of Goldline exclusive coins increases or falls within 7-28 days (exact number of days dependent upon the size of your purchase,) you may call Goldline to acquire additional coins at the original selling price or re-price your coins.

Ready to Get Started? Call 800-963-9798 to speak with a Goldline Account Executive about adding precious metals to an IRA.

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Goldline makes it easy to buy gold and silver. With our prompt service, convenient acquisition options, transparent pricing, and exclusive products, you’ll enjoy the convenience and benefits of working with an industry leader.

  1. When you purchase $10,000 or more of our exclusive precious metals.
  2. When you purchase $10,000 or more of precious metals.
  3. Federal IRA tax laws are complex and may change. As with any investment, you should consult your tax advisor before making a decision regarding your IRA investment.
  4. The law prohibits dealers such as Goldline from guaranteeing to repurchase the precious metals we sell. Although we have historically made buy-sell markets in the precious metals we offer, our buyback policy is not a guarantee and is subject to change without notice.