Goldline Offers Historic Russian Ruble Coins

Goldline International Offers Historic Russian Ruble Coins

Special Gold Coin Offer

August 24, 2010

Santa Monica, Calif., August 24, 2010 - Goldline International, Inc., announced that it recently acquired a very limited number of the Russian 5 Ruble gold coins. These coins, which were minted between 1897 and 1911, circulated throughout Russia during the reign of Russia’s last Tsar, Nicholas II. Each coin contains .1244 ounces of gold and features the profile of Nicholas II, "Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias" on the obverse. The reverse of this coin displays the Russian Eagle along with the 5 ruble denomination in Cyrillic and the year of mintage.

"We are pleased to provide this unique opportunity to our customers who want to buy gold coins that were circulated during several of the most important historic events in the 20th Century including the commencement of World War I and the fall of the Russian dynasty," said Scott Carter, Executive Vice President of Goldline.

Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 24, 2010