Goldline Sees Increased Demand in Gold


Continued Interest in Gold and Precious Metals Expected

October 7, 2009

Los Angeles, CA - Goldline International, Inc., a leading gold and precious metals trading company, is experiencing increased demand in gold products as a result of record-setting gold prices.

Interest in gold has increased as investors grow concerned with a weakening U.S. dollar and the prospect of inflation. In addition, the British newspaper The Independent reported that
certain Gulf states met with Russia, China, Japan, and France to discuss replacing the dollar with a basket of currencies, including gold, to trade crude oil. With concerns about the dollar
and inflation, the price of gold has hit new highs.

"As the price of gold continues to rise, we are experiencing a considerably higher interest in and demand for gold products," stated Scott Carter, executive vice president of Goldline. "We are
pleased to provide a wide variety of physical gold and outstanding client support to individuals who want to buy gold and precious metals."

Gold is often described as a safe-haven investment as well as a potential hedge against inflation. As the price of gold continues to rise, Goldline anticipates continued strong interest in physical gold investments.

Release Date: 
Wednesday, October 7, 2009