NEW Exclusive Coral Sea Gold and Silver Bullion Coins

Limited Production 1/10 oz. Gold Bullion and a ½ oz. Silver Bullion Coins Honor Allied Forces Who Fought in the Battle of the Coral Sea 


Santa Monica, CA – May 5, 2014 – Goldline, one of America’s largest gold and silver dealers,  is the exclusive dealer of The Perth Mint’s limited production gold and silver bullion coins memorializing the allied victory in the Battle of the Coral Sea. This first air-sea battle in the Pacific repelled a Japanese invasion force that, if successful, could have isolated Australia from its allies. Instead, Japan was turned back without achieving its objective; this battle served as a major turning point in the Pacific War.

The Coral Sea bullion coins display a WWII battleship encircled by the words, “Battle of the Coral Sea   War in the Pacific 1941-45.”

The gold coin contains one-tenth ounce .9999 fine gold and the silver coin contains one-half ounce .999 fine silver. These coins are Australian legal tender and, due to their purity, may be included in precious metals IRAs.  The Perth Mint, the official mint of the Western Australian government, enjoys a reputation for innovation and superb quality.

“Goldline is honored to be the exclusive dealer for these beautiful gold and silver coins commemorating the Battle of the Coral Sea.  We continue to lead the industry with our exclusive bullion coins and ground-breaking programs such as our Two-way Price Guarantee Program℠” said Brian R. Crumbaker, Goldline’s Chief Executive Officer.

To speak with a Goldline Account Executive about the exclusive Coral Sea gold and silver coins, call 877-641-2646.

Goldline’s Two-Way Price Guarantee Program

Goldline has expanded its industry leading Price Guarantee Program℠ to provide its clients with both upside and downside protection. If the selling price of your coins falls within the given time period, you can contact Goldline to reprice your coins at the new lower price. If the selling price of your coins increases during the given time period, you can acquire additional coins at the original lower selling price. The Two-Way Price Guarantee Program℠ helps minimize market fluctuations. Whether the price of gold and silver increases or decreases during the qualifying time period, call Goldline to reprice your order at whichever rate is in your favor.

Release Date: 
Monday, May 5, 2014