The West Coast Call Interview with Mark Albarian

The West Coast Call Interview with Mark Albarian

by: Jane Wells
Jan. 6, 2009

CNBC's Jane Wells today interviewed Goldline International, Inc. (Goldline) President &
CEO Mark Albarian about Goldline's expansion during rising gold investment demand

and higher gold prices. The interview on CNBC's The West Coast Call took place at
Goldline's headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

More Investors Looking to Buy Gold

Wells asked Albarian about the precious metals and rare coin dealer's expansion during an
economic downturn which caused many companies to reduce, rather than increase, their labor force.
Albarian explained that the expansion - Goldline has doubled its sales staff - was planned prior
to the economic collapse. The combination of rising gold prices over the past few years and the
increased gold investment demand has further enhanced Goldline's business.

Goldline has seen more investors buy gold to diversify their portfolios. In the past six
years, gold prices have more than tripled. Albarian expressed his personal view that 2009 may see
a new gold record high while also cautioning that investors should always consider gold or any
other precious metal for long term investing.

In a separate October interview with CNBC about the effect of the financial crisis on gold
, Albarian estimated that gold investment directly following the
financial meltdown was up 300%.

Leading Dealer for Precious Metal, Rare Coin & Gold Investment

Goldline is one of the largest companies working with investors and collectors in the gold,
coin, and precious metals field. In 2007, Goldline moved its trading floor and corporate offices
to a 23,000 square foot office in Santa Monica to keep up with increased precious metals, and in
particular gold, investment demand. Its continued expansion follows a long term plan allowing it
to better serve its clients while meeting a growing investor demand for gold and other precious

To request an interview with Mark Albarian regarding precious metal, rare coin, or gold
investment, please contact Goldline at 1-800-963-9798.

About Goldline International, Inc.

Goldline International, Inc. has assisted investors and collectors by offering a full range of
precious metals products since 1960. The company offers internationally recognized gold, silver
and platinum coins and bars as well as rare and collectible numismatic coins and currency. Learn
more about Goldline at

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009