ANZ: Gold on “Solid Footing”

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Gold and Silver Prices

Gold prices and silver prices moved lower this week.  “Gold edged lower on Friday, struggling with the $1,200 an ounce mark as the dollar firmed and investor appetite for risk increased on expectations of rising U.S. interest rates…The Fed, after wrapping up a two-day meeting on Wednesday, signaled it was on track to increase rates next year but said it was taking a patient stance, keeping gold's losses in check.”  (“Gold below $1,200/oz on dollar, shares; heads for weekly loss,” Reuters, 12/19/14.)

Gold finished the week down $27.60, closing at $1,195.20. Silver prices closed the week at $16.17, down $0.97.

ANZ:  Gold on “Solid Footing”

One of Australia’s largest banks sees higher gold prices in 2014 and 2015.

“Gold prices will recover next year as demand in China and India improves, according to Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd., which forecast an advance for bullion even as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates.  The precious metal will climb to $1,280 an ounce by the end of 2015, rising each quarter, strategists Victor Thianpiriya and Mark Pervan wrote in an e-mailed report dated Dec. 17. The forecast for end-2016 is $1,420, according to the report…Demand will improve after India removed restrictions on imports last month and as sales in China increase, according to ANZ.  ‘Physical gold demand in China and India were held back in 2014 amid high stocks and import controls, respectively,’ the bank said, referring to the world’s two largest bullion consumers. ‘Both these shackles have been removed, putting demand on a solid footing as we head into 2015.’”  (“Fed Won’t Stop Gold’s Recovery in ‘15, ANZ Says as Asia Buys” Bloomberg, 12/17/14.)

Rickards: I Would Invest 20% of My Investment Dollars into Gold for 2015

Financial author and Senior Global Strategist at West Shore Funds, Jim Rickards, discussed how he would allocate $100,000 in 2015. 

“On how he would invest $100,000 in 2015…‘I would have some inflation hedges and some deflation hedges’, says Rickards…$20,000 in gold.  ‘Normally, I’d recommend lower maybe 10%, but I like this entry point. I think this is a good place you can maybe pick up a little.’” (“Just Like The Fed, Rickards Recommends Patience,” Kitco News, 12/19/14.)

HSBC: Swiss Negative Interest Rates Positive for Gold

The Swiss National Bank’s plan to introduce a negative deposit interest rate may be positive for gold.   

“The Swiss National Bank’s surprise announcement Thursday to introduce a negative deposit rate could help gold prices down the road, according to analysts from HSBC.  According to the central bank’s press release, it will charge 0.25% ‘on sight deposit account balances at the SNBS.’”

“In a research note published Thursday afternoon, analysts at HSBC said that the introduction of negative interest rates, which is now in-line with the ECB’s monetary policy, could make the Swiss franc less attractive as a ‘safe-haven’ currency.  'This could have real implications for gold prices,’ they said in the report. ‘If investors…find that the CHF no longer looks so attractive based on SNB actions, then investors may shift to other perceived hard assets. Gold would certainly count as one of these assets.’”  (“Swiss Negative Deposit Rate Could Help Gold Prices – HSBC,” Kitco News, 12/19/14.)

Russian Ruble Crashes

The Russian ruble fell dramatically this week raising concerns Russia may be forced to impose Soviet era capital controls. 

“Russia has lost control of its economy and may be forced to impose Soviet-style exchange controls after ‘shock and awe’ action by the central bank failed to stem the collapse of the rouble.  ‘The situation is critical,’ said the central bank’s vice-chairman, Sergei Shvetsov.  ‘What is happening is a nightmare that we could not even have imagined a year ago.’  The currency crashed to 100 against the euro in the biggest one-day drop since the default crisis in 1998 as capital flight gathered pace, despite a drastic rise in interest rates to 17pc intended to crush speculators and show resolve.”

“After years of bluster and suggestions by Mr. Putin that the US is a paper tiger, the Kremlin is now coming face to face with the cataclysmic consequences of what it has done by invading Ukraine and changing Europe's borders by force. By the same token, Washington needs to move with care since it would be a geostrategic miscalculation of the first order to push a nuclear-armed Russia too far into a corner, or to [perpetuate] a cycle of grievance.”

“‘A Russian downgrade to junk is only a matter [of] time,’ said Tim Ash, from Standard Bank.”  (“Russia risks Soviet-style collapse as rouble defence fails,” Telegraph, 12/16/14.)

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