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  • Why Invest In Physical Gold?

    Many experts recommend physical gold as part of a portfolio diversification strategy for the following reasons:

    • Gold has survived economic collapse, market dislocation and wars throughout history
    • Gold is considered a "safe haven" asset and a potential hedge against inflation, deflation and eroding paper currencies
    • Gold is recognized as a monetary asset with intrinsic value around the world

  • Why Invest In Physical Silver?

    For over 5,000 years, silver has been considered a valuable hard currency among thriving civilizations and today is no exception. Silver offers the following properties:

    • Silver is the least expensive precious metal, ounce for ounce.
    • Silver is considered a safe haven asset that offers potential protection against inflation, deflation and currency weakness.
    • Silver is recognized and traded as a commodity worldwide.
    • Precious metals like silver are an important part of a diversification strategy recommended by a number of investment advisors.
    • Silver can be collected and passed down to future generations.
    • The demand for silver in industries such as computers, cell phones, automobiles and several other sectors is high. The metal offers several highly prized physical, antimicrobial and mechanical properties that cannot be easily duplicated by less expensive materials.
    • Industrial and investor demand is one reason some analysts believe silver may rise to new highs.

  • Preparing For A Crisis

    Acquiring precious metals provides the peace of mind that comes with owning a tangible asset. In the event of a financial collapse, natural disaster or terrorist attack, they can be used as bartering instruments to help you reach safety when traditional services are unavailable. Plus, hackers can't touch precious metals, making them invulnerable to cyber-attacks, an ever-growing threat.

  • Why Goldline?

    • Over 50 years' experience buying and selling precious metals
    • A dedicated Client Concierge working with Account Executives to deliver excellent customer service
    • Upholding our commitment to transparency with TrueCost PricingSM
    • Industry-leading programs including the Two-Way Price Guarantee Program® and Express IRA® program
    • While the law precludes dealers from guaranteeing to repurchase precious metals, Goldline has a strong history of buying back the precious metals we sell

  • Start Now

    No one knows when the next financial crisis will strike. But many agree: it's inevitable, and owning physical precious metals like gold and silver will be critical to being prepared.

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