Why Invest in Physical Gold?

For centuries, investors and collectors have owned physical gold for a variety of reasons. Gold is:

  • Considered a "safe haven" asset - a potential hedge against inflation and an eroding dollar
  • Recognized as a monetary and financial asset worldwide
  • Part of a portfolio diversification strategy recommended by many experts
  • Able to be passed on to children and grandchildren
  • A tangible reminder of past achievements and civilizations
  • Setting records - some experts believe gold may see new highs in the future

Get Physical Gold

Do you want the peace of mind that comes from owning gold you can physically hold in your hand? Gold has survived inflation , deflation, financial crises and natural calamities over the centuries.

Why Goldline?

  • 50 Year History: Goldline has been in business since 1960
  • No Gimmicks: We are committed to transparent, honest and responsible pricing
  • First-Time Buyer Protection: The right to a refund on your first order (limitations apply)1
  • Price Guarantee Program: On qualifying orders, reprice your purchase if the price of your precious metals falls2

Diversify Now

With today's economic uncertainty, adding gold to your portfolio has become a recognized diversification strategy - serving as a potential hedge against inflation and a declining dollar. Get your FREE Investor Kit today.

1 This refund policy provides all first-time clients with the right to cancel their first order within seven (7) calendar days from the date of order unless Client's state of residence provides otherwise. Please see our Account Agreement for full details.

2 Under Goldline's PGP, if Goldline's ask (i.e., selling) price for qualifying purchases is reduced by Goldline within 7 calendar days of the date purchased, Client may contact Goldline during the repricing period and request that his or her purchase be repriced at the lower price. Clients may also qualify for an extended 14, 21 and 28 day PGP on qualifying full-priced purchases. Payment and a signed Account Agreement is required before a Client may reprice a purchase. Read our Account Agreement for full details.