Collateral Finance Program

With Goldline’s Collateral Finance Program you can use the gold or silver that you already
own to acquire an equivalent amount. Newly purchased precious metals or metals already in your possession qualify!

Here are two examples of how you can take advantage of this exceptional program:

  1. If you already own twenty ounces of gold, you can purchase an additional twenty ounces by using gold you already own as collateral.
  2. If you purchase twenty ounces of gold, you can purchase an additional twenty ounces using your newly owned gold as collateral.

It’s Easy to Get Involved Today:

  • Speak with your personal Account Executive and learn how much in additional gold and/or silver you can purchase by putting your newly purchased precious metals or metals you already own to work for you.
  • Complete the loan paperwork and purchase your additional gold and/or silver.
  • Transfer your precious metals to our fully insured, high security depository.
  • Satisfy your loan and take physical delivery of your gold and/or silver. 

And, with Goldline’s industry first Price Shield® you can secure unmatched price protection for up to six months.


Terms and conditions are set forth in the Commercial Finance Loan, Security and Storage Agreement. Loans are offered by Collateral Finance Corporation, CFC, a sister company of Goldline, Inc. CFC and Goldline are wholly owned subsidiaries of A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. (AMRK), a Fortune 500 company trading on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, and North America’s largest full-service precious metals dealer since 1965 serving customers in six continents

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