Goldline Rewards Programs

Where you buy your precious metals is as important as what you buy. So you should be sure the company you choose is the one that best supports your individual needs. At Goldline, we strive to provide the highest quality products, plus unmatched added value in the form of our groundbreaking rewards, loyalty and price protection programs. They're benefits, we believe, you will not find anywhere else.

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PurchasePlus® - Loyalty Program

Our PurchasePlus® loyalty program rewards you with increasing price protection as you purchase additional exclusive bullion coins and bars. When you reach a PurchasePlus® threshold on a qualifying purchase, you'll receive greater two-way price protection. So the more exclusive products you purchase, the longer you're protected, up to 28 days. Once you qualify for PurchasePlus®, you do not need to requalify.

Price Shield® - 3 to 12 months Price Protection

Under Price Shield®, if the selling price of your qualifying exclusive products has decreased on the select anniversary date, we'll automatically reprice your purchase and make up the difference with additional precious metals. Price Shield® protects you for three to 12 months. And is available both for personal purchases and purchases within a self-directed IRA.

Two-Way Price Guarantee® - Protection from Short-Term Market Fluctuations

The Two-Way Price Guarantee Program® protects you from both short-term upside and downside market movements. If the selling price of your exclusive bullion products increases or decreases within seven to 28 days (actual number of days is based upon the purchase amount), you may call Goldline to acquire additional metals at the original selling price or reprice your metals.

Goldline Rewards Programs

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