The Goldline Difference

Goldline's TrueCostSM Pricing delivers more pricing information than any other precious metals dealer.

Pricing precious metals can be confusing

In the uniquely unregulated precious metals industry the pricing of precious metals can be confusing if you don't have the necessary information to make an informed decision. For example, if company A is selling a coin for $1,000 and company B is selling the same coin for $900 you would naturally assume that company B is offering the better price. However, without knowing the selling price (ask price), the current buy back price (bid price) and the dollar gain needed to break even (the difference between the ask price and the bid price) you don't know the true cost of acquiring the coin. Because of this, it's imperative that ask the right questions when making a gold and silver purchase.

The true cost of ownership is really what matters

Considering the above example let's assume that company A's bid price is $900 and Company B's bid price is $700. With this additional information you can now compute the cost of ownership. Company A is selling their coin for $1,000 and buying it back for $900 with a dollar gain needed to break even of $100 ($1,000-$900). Company B is selling their coin for $900 and buying it back for $700 with a dollar gain needed to break even of $200 ($900-$700). With this new information you can see that company A is actually offering a lower cost of ownership and therefore has a "better" price.

Different pricing philosophies shouldn't leave you confused

Gold and silver dealers have different pricing models, different philosophies of how much information to provide and different commitments to buying back precious metals from customers. The best way to compare each company on an "apples to apples" basis is to gather the three main pricing elements described above. And more importantly, you also need to know what additional value each company provides. Do they provide price protection and other valuable benefits that Goldline offers?

TrueCost pricing levels the playing field so you can make an informed decision

Goldline leads the industry in providing complete and transparent information. This is why we offer TrueCost pricing. TrueCost pricing is our commitment to provide the bid price, the ask price and the dollar gain needed to break even both verbally and in writing on every product you purchase. While many of our competitors are likely disappointed that we provide so much information we want you to be an educated buyer whether you buy from us or not.