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Gold $1,835.23 7.69 (0.42%)
Silver $21.37 0.22 (1.04%)
Platinum $919.02 7.75 (0.84%)

Notable Weekly News

Release Date:  Friday, June 17, 2022
Free Metals With A Qualified Purchase

This week Goldline has the high demand and client popular 1/10th ounce American Eagle Gold coins available and with every one purchased, Goldline will give you five (5) Mind Your Business silver bars at no additional charge. Goldline currently has a limited inventory of the 1/10th ounce gold coins available, so make sure to purchase these high demand gold coins and also receive the special which gives you the silver bars. Call Goldline!


Goldline is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am PDT to 5:00pm PDT. If you contact us outside our normal business hours, please leave us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Call Goldline now at 800-963-9798

Gold has ended the week at $1,840.80/oz. and Silver at $21.74/oz.


Billionaire investor Leon Cooperman predicts US stocks will plunge 40% in total as the economy crashes into a recession


‘The economy is going to collapse,’ says Wall Street veteran Novogratz. ‘We are going to go into a really fast recession.’


“If a man falling rapidly down stairs and hoisted back up is stable, then so is the Dow back-forth in a staircase 35,300 to 32,600.”






Diesel Exhaust Fluid shortage a scary reality for the supply chain, agriculture


Inflation Can’t Be Justified Only by the COVID and the War in Ukraine. Others Force Play …