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Barrick Gold CEO: $2,000 Gold

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Gold and Silver Prices

Gold prices finished the week in positive territory, having tested recent highs on the heels of war rumblings in Ukraine, and U.S. dollar weakness, but fell slightly after the upbeat U.S. jobs report. “Gold prices are lower in early U.S. trading Friday, pressured by a surprisingly strong U.S. jobs report. Traders and investors were leaning the other way, looking for weaker-than-expected employment data…The U.S. dollar index is at a 4.5-month low. These currency moves have been a bullish underlying factor for gold and other raw commodity markets that are priced in U.S. dollars…The situation in Ukraine has for now changed from a serious geopolitical matter to more of a regional issue of lesser significance—from a market place perspective.” (“Gold Sells Off In Wake Of Upbeat U.S. Jobs Report,” Kitco News, 3/7/14.)

Gold closed the week at $1,340.50, up $10.90. Silver prices closed down $0.34, finishing the week at $20.99.

Barrick Gold CEO: $2,000 Gold

Speaking at the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada convention, Barrick Chief Executive Officer Jamie Sokalsky provided his long—term price target for gold. “‘Ultimately we are going to see gold go back up and I think we could challenge the highs that we saw a couple of years ago,’ Sokalsky said at a Bloomberg event. ‘Within two or three years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see gold back up towards $2,000.’” (“Barrick CEO Says Gold May Rise Close to $2,000 in 2 Years,” Bloomberg, 3/5/14.)

Nomura Bullish on Gold

Japan’s largest bank, Nomura, believes gold prices are headed higher.

“Analysts at Nomura Securities this morning upgraded their view of precious-metals prices, and the gist of the argument is that the conditions which sent gold’s price tumbling 28% last year appear to have vanished. It’s a familiar theme to close watchers of the niche. ‘Like a phoenix regenerating from its ashes, cyclical gold appears set to recover,’ write Tyler Broda and six co-authors.”

From the Nomura report: “Last year’s shift in the gold market was rapid and the price response substantial. Instead of a multi-year downtrend, with disinvestment putting pressure on prices over time, many of the variables that drive gold prices have already reset to an extent…Long-term demand support from Asian nominal income growth, an evolving post-QE macroeconomic environment and lower disinvestment potential move our gold equilibrium model to now expect price increases over the next three years.” (“Gold is Heading Back to a Bull Cycle, Nomura Says,” Barron’s, 3/5/14.)

China is Biggest Gold Driver: HSBC

HSBC’s research team believes that China’s gold consumption will be the greatest driver for gold prices this year.

“China’s buying of gold jewelry, coins and bars is now the biggest driver of prices, not investment demand from the West, according to HSBC Global Research. ‘We would argue that physical demand trends in the emerging world will largely define gold’s price movements this year,’ HSBC analysts James Steel and Howard Wen said in a research note. China alone can take up the equivalent of half of the global gold mine output, while a possible recovery in Indian demand could also act as a boost for the yellow metal as long as the Indian authorities reduce import tariffs on gold.” (“China Now Biggest Driver of Gold Prices, HSBC Says,” Wall Street Journal, 3/4/14.)

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