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Gold Supply Could Send Gold Prices Higher

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Gold and Silver Prices

Gold and silver prices rallied this week following a disappointing jobs report.  “Gold futures rallied on Wednesday after a weaker-than-expected U.S. employment report sparked hopes of sustained stimulus efforts from the Federal Reserve.”  (“Gold Climbs After ADP Jobs Data,” Wall Street Journal, 2/5/14)

Gold closed the week at $1,268.10, up $21.20. Silver prices closed up $0.83, at $20.10.

Gold Supply Could Send Gold Prices “Through the Roof”

Several analysts spoke to CNBC this week on the effect of diminishing gold supplies on future prices. “‘Physical gold is disappearing off the market at a terrible rate. As soon as that really starts to hit I think gold goes through the roof,’ Jim Walker, founder and CEO of Asianomics told CNBC. ‘That's one of our biggest longs for the year.’”

“‘I think we probably still have people in gold ETFs [exchange traded funds] releasing some of their gold,’ said Barry Dawes, head of resources at Paradigm Securities, a Sydney-based securities advisory business, giving a reason why gold prices have not pushed above $1,300.  ‘I can't see that lasting very much longer at all and that real supply-demand numbers for gold will push to a higher gold price,’ he added.”

“‘As long as gold holds above $1,175-80 it's good, I am positive,’ Sean Hyman, editor of the Ultimate Wealth Report told CNBC on Wednesday.  ‘With dollar weakness we should get some base building in metals and all that equity volatility can help gold,’ he said referring to a recent sell-off in global stock markets that lifted the appeal of the safe-haven asset.”  (“Gold bugs, be patient your time is coming,” CNBC, 2/5/14)

Analysts Forecast Higher Gold Prices For Following Week

Participants in Kitco’s gold price survey were bullish on next week’s gold prices. “Positive technical price charts for gold could encourage the yellow metal to move higher next week, as a majority of participants in the weekly Kitco News Gold Survey forecast higher prices.  In the Kitco News Gold Survey, out of 33 participants, 23 responded this week. Sixteen see prices up, while four see prices down and three see prices trading sideways or are neutral. Market participants include bullion dealers, investment banks, futures traders and technical-chart analysts.  Last week, participants were bullish…Participants who see higher values said gold prices continue to hold in a series of lower lows, which bodes well.” (“Survey Participants Forecast Higher Gold Prices For Next Week,” Kitco News, 2/7/14)

Brecht: Gold Starts Strong in 2014


Analyst and managing editor of TraderPlanet, Kira Brecht, discussed gold’s performance during the first month of 2014 and what factors may support higher prices.

“After the punishing gold declines of 2013, are the bulls back in charge? From Dec. 31 to Jan. 31, April Comex gold futures gained 4.86% for the first month of the year. Not a bad start to 2014. The action shows the bulls have defended the gold price on a drop under the $1,200 per ounce level and that the $1,194 to $1,182 chart zone remains strong technical support….”

“The U.S. dollar has struggled. Commodities, as an asset class, are trying to rally off a weekly double bottom, and gold has been one of the top five commodity performers of January. If the U.S. dollar index remains stymied by resistance in the 81.50 area and that weekly double bottom on the commodity index chart confirms—that would be bullish news for gold and commodities.”  (“How Does Gold Stack Up To Other Commodities? Not A Bad Start To 2014,” Kitco News, 2/7/14)

Central Banks Leave  Monetary Policy Unchanged

Two key central banks decided to leave current monetary policy unchanged.   

“The Bank of England has decided to keep its benchmark interest rate at a record low 0.5 percent this month even as the British economy improves.  Policymakers also decided to keep the bank's monetary stimulus program unchanged at 375 billion pounds ( $612 billion ) during their meeting Thursday. Both moves were widely expected.”  (“Bank of England keeps rates on hold,” Kitco News, 2/6/14)

“The European Central Bank left interest rates at a record low on Thursday but put markets on alert for a possible move in March, acknowledging that emerging-market turbulence could hit the euro zone.  Risks to the currency bloc's economy remain skewed to the downside, ECB President Mario Draghi said after interest rates were held at 0.25 percent, and inflation would be low for a protracted period.”  (“ECB holds rates at record low, puts focus on March,” Reuters, 2/6/14)

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