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Austrian 1000 Schilling Gold Coin

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G Austrian 1000 Schilling 01

Austrian 1000 Schilling: Product Info

In 1976, the Austrian Mint minted a coin commemorating the 1,000-year anniversary of the start of the Babenberg Dynasty. Fittingly, it chose a denomination of 1,000 Schilling - the first time it had produced a coin with this face value. All information on this page refers to this special coin, which is 90 percent pure gold and contains 0.3906 troy ounces of gold.

Design of the Austrian 1000 Schilling Gold Coin - The obverse of the 1976 Austrian 1,000 Schilling gold coin depicts an Imperial Eagle whose breast is covered with an Austrian shield as it grips a hammer and sickle in its talons. Beneath the Imperial Eagle is the denomination and the words "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH" (Austrian Republic) surround the Eagle. Martha Coufal-Hartl designed this side. The reverse, designed by Gertrude Simon, features the Seal of Duke Friedrich II: a knight carrying a pennant on horseback. Encircling the seal are the dates of the anniversary (976-1976) and the words "EINSETZUNG DER BABENBERGER."

Austrian 1000 Schilling Coin Minting Information - Since 1976, the Austrian Mint has periodically produced 1,000 Schilling gold coins with other designs and specifications, many issues of which were minted as proof gold coins only. The Austrian Mint now also produces a gold bullion coin marked in Schillings. The 1/2-ounce Vienna Philharmonic gold coin carries a 1,000 Schilling face value.

Babenberg Dynasty - A branch of Babenbergers from modern day Bavaria, Germany migrated to Austria and would soon take over as the ruling family referred to as the House of Babenberg, or the Babenberg Dynasty. They ruled over Austria from 976 - 1248 before the dynasty was succeeded by of the House of Habsburg.

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Metal Content
1000 Schilling
13.5 g
0.3906 oz.
27 mm

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