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Austrian 25 Schilling

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Austrian 25 Schilling: Product Info

The Austrian National Mint issued gold 25 schillings from 1926 to 1938. The first issue of this gold coin, which was minted from 1926 until 1934, featured a design similar to the 100 Schilling coins during the same period.

The coin's obverse bears the eagle coat of arms for the Austrian Republic. The eagle's claws hold a sickle to represent agriculture and a hammer to represent industry. The eagle wears a walled crown to symbolize the bourgeoisie. On the reverse, the denomination, 25, is bordered by sprays of edelweiss.

The coin's date of issue is divided by wheat sprigs. Below the date is the name Hartig, in honor of famed Austrian medalist Arnold Hartig who worked for the Austrian National Bank and likely served as its chief engraver. From 1935 to 1938, the Austrian National Mint issued a different reverse design featuring St. Leopold, the patron saint of Austria.

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Metal Content
25 Schilling
5.881 g
0.1702 oz.
21 mm

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