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Danish 20 Kroner Coin

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G Danish 20 Kroner 01

Danish 20 Kroner: Product Info

Danish 20 Kroner gold coins were minted between 1873 and 1931 and feature three different rulers: Christian IX, Frederick VIII, and Christian X. The gold coins pictured are of the Christian X variety.

Design of the Danish 20 Kroner Gold Coin - The obverse (front) of each 20 Kroner gold coin features the bust of the ruler. The name of the country ('DANMARKS KONGE' or 'KONGE AF DANMARK') surround the ruler. The date also appears on the Christian IX and XI versions. The reverse (back) on the coins of the two latter rulers is nearly identical. The date, denomination, and any minting marks sit below the coat of arms of the kingdom. The Christian IX reverse, however, features a design commonly referred to as a 'Mermaid'. In truth, the design depicts Liberty sitting on/next to a bundle of wheat, holding a staff and a shield. The tail of the herring at her feet seems to blend into her legs, giving the illusion of a mermaid.

Danish 20 Kroner Coin Minting Information - All Danish 20 Kroner coins have a heart-shaped Mint Mark, signifying the Copenhagen Mint. These gold coins were often also struck with one to three initials signifying the Mintmaster and/or Moneyer. The Krone (singular of Kroner) was an official unit of Denmark's monetary system, the present form of which was introduced in 1874, one year after the kingdom abandoned its silver standard.

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Metal Content
20 Kroner
8.9606 g
0.2592 oz.
23 mm

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