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French 20 Franc Angel

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French 20 Franc Angel: Product Info

Both investors and collectors love the French Angel 20 Franc gold coin - also known as the "lucky angel coin" - for its storied history, innate beauty and relatively short mintage period.

Design of the French 20 Franc Angel - The Angel represented on the obverse (front) is the guardian angel Genius as she inscribes the French Constitution upon a tablet next to a pillar and a rooster. The words "REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE" are above the angel. The reverse (back) displays the denomination (20 FRANC) and date encircled by a wreath. The words 'LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE' appear between the wreath and the rim.

French Angel Gold Coin Minting Information - The design of this coin appeared on 20 Franc gold coins in three different periods. The coins that Goldline offers were all minted between 1871 and 1898, although several of those years yielded no 20 Franc Angels. The Angel design was also briefly used for the 20 Franc in 1848-49 and again from 1899 to 1906, where the edge of the coins featured the inscription, 'DIEU PROT'G' LA FRANCE'. All French 20 Franc Angel gold coins were minted in Paris.

Legend of the French Angel - The Angel design first appeared on the 1 Louis D'Or in 1792. The designer of that gold coin, Augustine Dupre, was sentenced to lose his head on the guillotine during the French Revolution. According to legend, however, Dupre was able to bribe his guard with the Angel coin he carried in his pocket and make his escape. Legend also says that Napoleon Bonaparte always carried an early French Angel in his pocket until losing it the night before the fateful Battle at Waterloo. This Battle marked the beginning of his downfall.

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Metal Content
20 Franc
6.4516 g
0.1867 oz.
21 mm

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