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Spanish 25 Peseta

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Spanish 25 Peseta: Product Info

ALFONSO XII - The Alfonso XII 25 pesetas gold coins feature the Spanish monarch who, during his brief reign, attempted to move Spain towards a constitutional monarchy. The young monarch was deposed just 11 years into his reign and was forced into exile along with his mother, Queen Isabella II. The gold coin bearing King Alphonso XII's likeness were first minted in 1876. In 1881, the image of King Alphonso XII was updated to display an older monarch with a beard.

Each coin contains nearly ¼ ounce of gold (0.2333 troy ounces.)

Obverse: ALFONSO XII - POR LA G. DE DIOS - The obverse depicts a bare-headed King Alphonso XII in profile. The motto "POR LA G. DE DIOS", which means "by the grace of God" is displayed on the right side of the coin. The mintage year can be found at the bottom of the coin.

Reverse: REY CONSTL-DE ESPAÑA D.E. 25 PESETAS - The reverse of this coin features the crowned coat of arms of the House of Bourbon along with the arms of various Spanish regions. The mint mark ("M" denotes Madrid) is located on the right side of the coin between the inscription "Rey Const. de Espana" and the coin's face value (25 Pesetas.)

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Metal Content
25 Peseta
8.0645 g
0.2333 oz.
24 mm

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