Teddy’s Tribute Gold Coin

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Teddy’s Tribute Gold Coin

In 1905, President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt sought to raise the standard of American coinage. He commissioned famed American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens to design coins that rivaled the sculpture of ancient Greece and Rome. What he created, the Saint-Gaudens gold coin - is considered among many to be the most beautiful coin in U.S. history and a model for the gold and silver American Eagle coin.

The significance of the coin we now call Teddy's Tribute comes from removing the motto "In God We Trust", reflecting the president's belief that having God's name on the currency was sacrilegious. Public outcry was so great, the motto was returned to the coin in late 1908.

The obverse (front) of Teddy's Tribute Coin depicts a standing Lady Liberty holding a torch, lighting the way to freedom as dawn rises over the capital. The word, "LIBERTY," arcs above her. The date appears to the viewer's right of Liberty (the date appeared in Roman numerals "MCMVII" on a portion of the coins minted in 1907). Stars representing the number of states in the union (46 from 1907-11 and 48 from 1912-33) curve around the rim.

The reverse (back) of Teddy's Tribute Coin is a bald eagle gliding across the sun. The words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "TWENTY DOLLARS" span across the top of the coin. Although it was initially omitted from coins minted in 1907 and the first half of 1908, the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" lies underneath the eagle.

Teddy's Tribute Coin is the last circulating U.S. $20 gold coin. It is certified by PCGS and holdered with its grade (MS-63, MS-64, MS-65, MS-66), a picture of Roosevelt and "Teddy's Tribute Coin" printed on the label.


$20 Saint
33.436 g
Metal Content: 
0.9675 oz.
34 mm