Gold and Silver Buyback Policy

The Goldline Difference goes beyond the process of acquiring precious metals. The commitment to our clients continues through the liquidation process.

Goldline believes precious metals are a long term investment which should be held a minimum of 3-5 years, preferably 5-10 years, recognizing that a longer or shorter holding period may be appropriate based upon market and personal circumstances. When you are ready to convert your precious metals into cash, Goldline is here to assist you. Although dealers are prohibited from guaranteeing a buyback, Goldline has historically repurchased the precious metals it sells and intends to do so in the future.

Goldline repurchases precious metals acquired from us at the current buyback (bid) price. We charge a 1 percent liquidation fee ($25 minimum) on the bid price of the metals. Goldline efficiently and easily handles liquidation transactions of all sizes. Final payment will be sent within three business days of liquidation.

Precious metals not stored through Goldline must be shipped to Goldline at the client's expense and verified by Goldline as to quantity and condition prior to liquidation. Goldline states in writing that our buyback prices may be higher than other dealers. We recommend you review our risk disclosure booklet and Account Agreement for a detailed explanation of the costs involved in buying and selling coins.

Goldline makes it easy to buy and sell gold and silver. With our prompt service, convenient acquisition options, transparency in pricing, high quality and exclusive products, you’ll enjoy the convenience and benefits of working with an industry leader.

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Goldline - 10 Year Buy Back History
Goldline - Buy Back History in Dollars