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We are in the middle of a war. The war on cash. Every day, the world marches closer to a cashless future in which cash has been eliminated and currency is digitized. The initial stages are already underway in Europe, Australia, India and even in the U.S.

The elimination of cash takes with it your privacy and freedom. A cashless society:

  • Creates a digital trail of every purchase, including your personal information
  • Enables your accounts to be hacked, frozen or stolen with a single keystroke
  • Lays the foundation for negative interest rates, effectively allowing the government to tax every dollar you own

Don't be caught unprepared if the U.S. suddenly makes $50 and $100 bills illegal. Goldline has published three exclusive reports regarding the war on cash and cyberwar. These free reports provide detailed information on the inherent dangers of cyberterrorism and a cashless society. Download or request a copy of these reports:

The Death of Cash

'The Death of Cash'

explains the movement behind a cashless society, the steps that have already been taken and what happens when we have mandated electronic currencies.

The War on Cash

'The War on Cash'

exposes the dangers of a cashless society and provides actionable information on how to protect yourself in a world of virtual currency.

Ready for WWIII?

'Ready for WWIII?'

uncovers how cyberattacks against individuals, companies, politicians and even U.S. government agencies threaten our personal and national security and what you can do about them.

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