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Chinese Panda Gold Coin

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Chinese Panda Gold: Product Info

With an annual design change always featuring China's symbolic animal, the gold Chinese Panda has long been a favorite of coin collectors and jewelry designers the world over. At one time this gold coin was minted in seven different sizes, second only to the eight sizes of the Australian Nugget. The 5- and 12-oz. sizes were discontinued over a decade ago.

Design of the Gold Chinese Panda - The main obverse (front) design of the panda never changes. It features Beijing's famous Temple of Heaven (Tien Tien) along with the date of issue. Chinese characters rest above the temple's roof. The design on the coin's reverse (back) changes annually, but it always features the endangered Giant Panda. The only year the design did not change was 2002; the rotation began again in 2003. The reverse also features the size, gold fineness, and monetary amount.

Chinese Gold Panda Coin Minting Information - From 1982-2000, the face values of the 1/20- through 1-oz. Gold Pandas were 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 Yuan, respectively. Since that time, the face values of these gold coins have been raised to the denominations listed in the Detailed Coin Information section below. Mint Marks and Proof Marks (signified by a 'P') have been added to Chinese Pandas in some years, but not all.

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Metal Content
1 oz.
31.103 g
1.00 oz.
32.10 mm
1/2 oz.
15.5515 g
0.50 oz.
27 mm
1/4 oz.
7.7758 g
0.25 oz.
21.95 mm
1/10 oz.
3.1103 g
0.10 oz.
17.95 mm
1/20 oz
1.5552 g
0.05 oz.
13.92 mm

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