Legal Tender Bar Special + CrowdStrike Disruption Update

On Friday, July 19th, a major IT disruption occurred due to a defect in a content update for Windows hosts by cybersecurity giant, CrowdStrike. This single content update caused global crashes in Microsoft’s operating systems. It resulted in chaos in multiple industries, including banking, leaving many unable to access their funds. This global disruption highlights our dependence on technology and the potential risks of more severe disruptions by defects or even worse, cyberattacks. If malicious actors targeted critical services, we would face major issues with cash and essentials and would need to turn to other means. Physical gold and silver are reliable, technology-independent stores of value and means of barter and exchange. Friday’s event is just another reason why it’s important to have a well-diversified portfolio with tangible assets that you can hold without the requirement of any technology. To help with this, Goldline is offering a special this week that includes Legal Tender gold bars, the only fractional gold bar that is also legal tender, functioning like a divisible coin. Moreover, this is the last minted batch featuring the late Queen Elizabeth II design.

With each purchase of one (1) 1 ounce (10 individual 1/10 ounce bars) Legal Tender gold bar pack, you may choose to receive either two (2) .45 caliber 1 ounce silver bullets or one (1) .308 caliber 2 ounce silver bullet for FREE. Please note, this special does not qualify for IRA purchases. 

Call 800-827-4653 now and take advantage of this special, quantity is extremely limited and is likely to sell out. 

Below you can find news that may be influencing your investment decisions.

Gold ended the week at $2401.13/oz. and Silver at $29.22/oz

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