Sell to Us Program

Goldline can make selling your precious metals easy!

Goldline or an affiliate has historically made buy-sell markets in bullion and rare coins it offers although the law prohibits any precious metals dealer from guaranteeing to repurchase the items it sells.

There are three simple steps to sell your metals:

  1. Call Goldline at 800-827-4653 and Goldline will transfer you to its affiliate, Precious Metals Purchasing Partners who will speak with you about the items you are selling and give you a purchase price if applicable, all part of our Sell to Us Program.
  2. Once you receive a purchase price for the precious metals you wish to sell, you will receive an email with details of the items you wish to sell to us and shipping instructions.
  3. Once the precious metals you are selling are received and authenticated, your payment should be received within 3 business days.


Sell to Us - All Time

Our commitment to providing a fast, safe and easy two-way market is just one of our many commitments in the Goldline Difference. Although the law prohibits us from guaranteeing a buyback, Goldline has a long-standing history of repurchasing the metals it sells. And, what’s more, we often purchase precious metals from people whose own gold dealers refuse to buy.

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