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Italian 20 Lire Gold Coin

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Italian 20 Lire: Product Info

The Italian 20 Lire Umberto I gold coin is a superb example of 19th century European gold coinage. Umberto I served as the Duke of Savoy before being crowned King of Italy in 1878. He ruled until his assassination in 1900. His image first appeared on these 20 Lire coins in 1879.

Design of the Italian 20 Lire Gold Coin - The obverse (front) of the Italian 20 Lire gold coin features a portrait of a mustached Umberto. His bust is surrounded by his name, the words 'RE D'ITALIA' and the date. On the coin's reverse (back), a wreath encircles the coat of arms and the denomination (L. 20).

Italian 20 Lire Coin Minting Information - Prior to Umberto I ascending the throne in 1878, Italian coinage was struck throughout the country in Genoa, Milan, Rome, and Turin. After this time, all coins, including the Umberto I 20 Lire, were minted in Rome. It should be noted that red gold was used for minting a portion of the coins in 1882.

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Metal Content
20 Lire
0.1867 oz.
21 mm

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