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Platinum Noble: Product Info

Struck first in 1983, the platinum Isle of Man Noble coin became the world's first platinum bullion investment coin. The coin's obverse (front) features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (the Isle of Man is a British protectorate), although a slightly different portrait is used for many of the different sizes of Nobles. The Queen is surrounded by the date of issue, her name, and the words 'ISLE OF MAN'.  The reverse (back) of the coin depicts a Viking long ship floating on the sea as gulls fly by. Underneath the waters sit the amount of platinum and the fineness. Below that information are words signifying the size ("QUARTER NOBLE", "FIVE NOBLE", etc.). The private Pobjoy Mint of England produces Isle of Man Nobles; however, they are not legal tender of any nation.

The history of platinum coinage begins before the Pobjoy Mint began its Noble line in 1983. The first legitimate platinum coins were produced by Spanish colonials in America in the 18th century, followed by Russia minting platinum coins in the first half of the 19th Century. While there were coins in circulation before the Noble’s release, the Isle of Man's Noble was the first one-ounce platinum investment coin. The platinum coins of the United States, Canada and Australia all followed this remarkable coin.

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