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Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin

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Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin: Product Info

The Swiss 20 Franc Vreneli gold coin is one of the world's classic gold coins and quite popular among Goldline clients. Switzerland, neutral since its creation by the Congress of Vienna in 1815, has long been synonymous with stability and fiscal strength due to its practice of backing its currency with large quantities of gold.

Helvetia - Helvetia is now known as a western region in Switzerland, but it once referred to the entire area and its people. Julius Caesar conquered the Helvetii for the Roman Empire in 58 B.C. The name stayed with the people and the region up through the beginning of the 19th Century. In fact, the country was named the Helvetian Republic in 1798 during Napoleon's rule over the region. Once Napoleon was defeated, the Congress of Vienna recognized Switzerland's sovereign nature. From this point on, Switzerland has remained neutral during foreign wars.

Design of the Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin - The obverse (front) of this Swiss 20 Franc gold coin, considered by some as the loveliest of all Swiss coin designs, features a bust of a Vreneli, the charming 'Swiss Miss' of Swiss lore. With braided hair, she wears a garland of flowers and appears against the background of the Swiss Alps. Above her head appears the word 'HELVETIA', which is why this coin is also referred to as a Helvetia. The reverse (back) of the coin features a Swiss shield over a background of an oak branch tied with ribbons. The denomination (20 FR) and the date also appear on this side.

Swiss 20 Franc Coin Minting Information - All Vreneli Swiss 20 Francs were minted in the country's lone mint facility located in Bern and are composed of 90 percent gold. In 1879, 29 known pieces were struck with bright Valaisan gold from Gondo. These gold coins are distinguished with a small cross punched in the center of the Swiss cross on the reverse.


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Metal Content
20 Franc
0.1867 oz.
21 mm

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