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US $5 1880 Gold Liberty

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US $5 1880 Gold Liberty

The 1880 $5.00 Gold Half Eagle in Circulated condition.  This historic coin is official United States legal tender.  The Philadelphia Mint minted 3,166,400 of these beautiful coins and the majority of the coins were melted after gold coins were recalled by the Treasury Department in the 1930’s.  The obverse features the bust of Lady Liberty, surrounded by 13 stars representing our nation’s original 13 colonies, the dated 1880 is below Liberty’s head.  The reverse has our nation’s eagle with a shield on its chest, olive branch and arrows in its talons, representing peace and strength.  The eagle is surrounded by United States of America and the denomination Five Dollars.  Above the eagle are the words In God We Trust in a ribbon. 

The US $5 1880 Gold Liberty Features:

Each coin is struck from .900 fine gold. 

Designed by United States Mint engraver Christian Gobrecht. 

1880 saw the silver mining industry booming, the Midwest continued to enjoy the profits from wheat exports, James Abram Garfield won the Presidential Election on the smallest margin in American history, America continued to grow, particularly from European immigration.  


Lady Liberty head, surrounded by 13 stars, date 1880


Eagle with shield, olive branch and arrows in talons, surrounded by United States of America, 5 dollar denomination, ribbon that states In God We Trust

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Metal Content
$5 Liberty
.900 gold
.2419 oz.

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