Victory In The Pacific Silver Bullion Coin

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Goldline 1 20 16 17213 B

Victory In The Pacific: Product Info

The Victory In The Pacific bullion coin memorializes the end of World War II with Japan’s unconditional surrender to the Allies in 1945 and honors the bravery and sacrifice of those involved.  Goldline is the exclusive dealer for these beautifully designed, limited-production 1/2 ounce silver bullion coin.  The Perth Mint, the official mint of the Western Australian government, guarantees the weight and purity of this .9999 fine silver coin, which is eligible for inclusion in precious metals IRAs.  

Obverse:  The Victory In The Pacific silver coin feature the bust of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse.

Reverse: The reverse displays a flying eagle carrying an olive branch encircled by the words “Victory In The Pacific 1945".

Uncirculated condition.  Limited production.  Available individually, in tubes of 25 and boxes of 500


Metal Content
1/2 oz.
99.99 %
15.557 g
0.5 oz

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