War of 1812 1/2 oz Platinum Bullion Coin

  • 1812 1 2Oz Platinum Front
  • 1812 1 2Oz Platinum Back
1812 1 2Oz Platinum Front

War of 1812 1/2 oz Platinum Bullion: Product Info

Goldline is proud to be the exclusive dealer for the Royal Canadian Mint's ½ ounce platinum bullion coin commemorating the War of 1812. These limited production, 99.95% pure platinum coins are one of the purest platinum coins available and guaranteed for their weight and purity by the Royal Canadian Mint.

The War of 1812 is often described as America's second war of independence. It began as a protest against perceived violations of the U.S.'s national sovereignty by the British and was the first time that America declared war on another nation. America's historic national anthem, "The Star Spangled Banner," was penned during Britain's naval bombardment of Baltimore's Fort McHenry.

Obverse: The coin's obverse features Queen Elizabeth II with the inscription "Canada 50 Dollars." The obverse was designed by Susanna Blunt.

Reverse: The reverse displays an eagle, representing American forces, facing a lion, symbolizing forces fighting under British command. Between these two animals is the shield of military conflict which is emblazoned with the Canadian Maple Leaf. The coin bears the inscription "1812 - 2012" above the design and "FINE PLATINUM 1/2 OZ PLATINE PUR" below it.

Uncirculated condition. Limited production. Available individually, in sheets of 10 coins, and in boxes of 40 sheets. Coins may be held in self-directed IRAs.


Metal Content
1/2 oz.
15.56 g
0.50 oz.
25 mm

Specifications are obtained from sources believed to be reliable. However, Goldline does not guarantee their accuracy.

Learn about the rarest precious metal, platinum, with Goldline’s Exclusive War of 1812 platinum bullion coin.


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