Portfolio Diversification with Gold

Asset allocation is a critical component of any investment strategy. A portfolio diversified with different asset classes may provide balance and potentially reduce risk. Adding tangible assets like physical gold can diversify your investment portfolio.

Gold has the potential to appreciate in times of economic uncertainty, such as inflation and a weak national currency. Gold prices may move independently of other financial assets.

The U.S. Mint reports that many investment experts believe that adding gold to a portfolio may improve its performance, “because the forces that determine gold prices usually differ from, and in many cases counter, the forces that determine the price of many financial assets. Investment advisors often suggest that this relationship may help to reduce portfolio volatility.”1

The World Gold Council states that “gold is a well-rounded, cost effective strategic asset, which held even in modest amounts (typically 2-10 percent of a portfolio) can help investors reduce risk without sacrificing long term returns.” 2

With continued economic uncertainties, it is even more important to diversify your portfolio. Governments and their paper currencies rise and fall, but gold and silver always have intrinsic value.

Physical gold and silver can be added to your self-directed IRA, enabling you to diversify your retirement portfolio.

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