How to Buy Gold and Silver in 6 Easy Steps
  • Step 1:

    Choose Goldline. Goldline is:

    • Transparent. Honest. Responsible.
    • Independently audited by a top-ten accounting firm.
    • Properly registered and follows telemarketing laws.
    • A provider of industry-leading disclosures and responsible pricing.
  • Step 2

    Call an Account Executive. Goldline will:

    • Explain the terms of purchases, storage and liquidations in our Account Agreement.
    • Treat you with courtesy, respect and patience.
  • Step 3

    Select coins, order products. Goldline offers:

    • Extensive inventory from world-renowned mints, including:
    • Fractional bullion coins
    • Exclusive, limited production bullion coins
    • Historic gold and silver coins
    • The same price for cash or credit card purchases.
    • A Price Guarantee Program® for qualifying purchases which allows you to contact Goldline to re-price your order if the selling price falls within 7 days of purchase.1
  • Step 4

    Confirm sale. You will receive:

    Recorded confirmation from a non-commissioned staff member on orders over $1,000, including:

    • The sale price
    • The current bid price
    • The percent your bid price must increase to break even
  • Step 5

    Receive delivery. Products are:

    • Logged, weighed, packaged, insured and shipped in accordance with Goldline’s shipping policies.2
    • Shipped for free.
    • Checked twice during the shipping process.
    • Delivered to your account address or stored at an independent secure depository.3
  • Step 6

    Stay involved. Receive updates from:

    • and your Account Executive.
    • Goldline’s “Precious Metals Insider” newsletter.
    • Podcasts and news alerts.

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Goldline makes it easy to buy gold and silver. With our prompt service, convenient acquisition options, transparent pricing, and exclusive products, you’ll enjoy the convenience and benefits of working with an industry leader.

  1. Under Goldline’s PGP, if Goldline’s ask (selling) price for qualifying coins is reduced by Goldline within 7 calendar days of the date of purchase, Client may contact Goldline and request the purchase of these coins be re-priced at the lower price. Clients may also qualify for an extended 14, 21 and 28 day PGP on qualifying full-priced purchases of coins and bars (excluding 90 percent silver dimes and quarters, one ounce and larger bullion bars, and one ounce bullion coins.) Contact an Account Executive and read our Account Agreement for full details.
  2. Some orders are self-insured. Review Goldline’s Account Agreement for full details.
  3. Storage is not available for residents of certain states. Contact a Goldline Account Executive at 800-963-9798 to see if storage is available in your state.