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Goldline's Monthly Accumulation Program

Purchase gold over time, on your budget and schedule.

Goldline can help you acquire physical gold and silver...on any size budget. Goldline's Accumulation Program1 enables you to acquire gold and silver with fixed monthly payments. Buying precious metals has never been easier.

Goldline's Accumulation Program is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Determine your monthly budget (minimum $100 a month)
  2. Select a bullion coin from Goldline's exclusive gold and silver products
  3. Setup your account and payment plan

How the Accumulation Program works

You purchase a percentage of the selected Goldline exclusive bullion coin each month based upon the amount you allocate. For example, if $200 a month is contributed toward the purchase of a 1/4 oz. gold coin and the current ask price is $1,000, 20% of the coin will be acquired. If the ask price the following month is $1,200, an additional 16% of the coin will be acquired.

Once a coin has been paid in full, Goldline will store it for free (up to a total ask value of $5,000) until you choose to take delivery. You can take delivery of fully-paid coins at any time, with one free shipment provided every 12 months.

What you get with the Accumulation Program

  • Free storage of coin(s) until the value reaches $5,000
  • Free shipment of coin(s) to you once a year
  • Same price for payment by cash or credit card
  • No small lot fee

Goldline's Accumulation Program allows you to buy gold and silver based on your specific needs, budget, and schedule. Click here for more information on how the Accumulation Program works.

To learn more, speak with a Goldline Account Executive today by calling 800-963-9798. It would be our pleasure to serve you. 

  1. The Goldline Accumulation Program is not available in: Arizona; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Minnesota; Montana; New Hampshire; Rhode Island; or Utah.

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