Give a gift that can last a lifetime

Some gifts expire. Some gifts go out of style. But now you can give your loved ones something that will last forever: physical gold.

Goldline is pleased to present these exclusive gift ideas* with our Legal Tender Bars and Legal Tender Units, two of the most innovative gold products available. In addition to their intrinsic value, each purchase will come in one of our stunning signature gift package options. And select qualifying purchases will receive additional LTBs and LTUs for FREE.

Legal Tender Bar Gift Box

  • Purchase 25 gold Legal Tender Bar card gift boxes and receive an additional gift box FREE. Each card contains 5 individually sealed tenth-ounce gold bars.
  • Purchase 5 Legal Tender Bar cards and each card comes in its own signature gift box.

Legal Tender Bar Gift Card Holder

  • Purchase 1 Legal Tender Bar card and it will arrive in a specially designed gift card holder.

Legal Tender Unit Gift Box

  • Purchase 25 Legal Tender Unit gift boxes and receive an additional gift box FREE. Each gift box contains 5 individually encapsulated LTUs that are displayed together in a customized Goldline gift box.
  • Purchase 5 Legal Tender Unit gift boxes, each containing 5 LTUs individually encapsulated and displayed together in our signature gift box.

*Limits and Conditions

Gift boxes come with orders of 5 or more LTB cards and 5 sets of LTUs. Gift card holders will come with LTB cards purchases if less than 5.